About Us

SPECTRE is a purpose-driven creative media and public relations agency connecting the worlds of communications and technology to help clients navigate and thrive in the digital environment. Our expertise stems from our twin passion for building strategic partnerships and championing important causes to drive meaningful change for small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofits and the technology sector.

Rapid digital transformation has completely disrupted our marketing and communications landscape. With our expertise in leveraging digital tools and strategies to help clients develop their brand narrative, create engaging content, convey core key messages, gain exposure and establish market position, SPECTRE is well positioned to help clients build for a future where communications and technology can empower us to make better decisions.

Our virtual offices are located in Toronto and Montreal with services offered in French, English and Chinese.

Our Values

Collaboration: We leverage strategic partnerships and bolster relationships to compel collective action.

Agility: Our ability to remain agile and move quickly in a fast-changing digital climate.

Innovation: Respond quickly to the external challenges by developing human and technological resources to make better decisions.