Digital transformation has completely broadened our marketing and communications landscape.


With expertise in leveraging digital tools and strategies to help clients develop their brand narrative, create engaging content, convey important messages, gain exposure and establish market position, SPECTRE is well positioned to help clients build for a future where communications and technology can empower us to make better decisions.

We develop concise key messaging that helps convey your value proposition and brand positioning in the market. 

Branding and Messaging

We develop a comprehensive communications plan to help your business communicate effectively with your stakeholders. 

Communications Strategy

We write, translate and distribute press releases targeting both traditional and digital media to help your brand gain exposure and press coverage.

Press Release

We nurture and leverage our strong media connections to get your brand the right amount of attention in the media landscape.

Media Relations

We produce data-driven, research and compelling narratives that help position your brand as an industry leader and build legitimacy with your target audience. 

White Paper + Blog Creation

We create relatable and agile content to help support your sales team convert more effectively with customers.

B2B Technology Marketing

We create original and compelling content to help convey your value proposition and tell an impactful story. 

Content and Creation

Foster thought leadership to establish a relatable and credible voice to spark important discussions and drive meaningful change on your channels. 

Social Media Management

We leverage our strong influencer relations to help your brand foster strategic partnerships and build brand loyalty and awareness in the market. 

Influencer Marketing

We leverage our expertise in digital marketing to help your company establish a strong online presence, enable online sales and gain competitive advantage. 

E-commerce + SEO

We ensure your site is performing to your needs - whether it is to optimize, create from scratch or manage an existing one. 

Web Development and Management

We leverage digital tools and analytics to track and measure success against your business objectives at every stage. 

Measurement & Evaluation


Creative Media